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Digicel Sponsor First Vincy Sailor to be selected for the prestigious
PanAmerican Games

Taking St Vincent and the Grenadines Sailing to a New Level

Digicel Head of Marketing Caricia Taylor has announced their sponsorship to help the first ever St Vincent and the Grenadines sailor to be selected for the PanAmerican Games, to be held in Algarrobo, Chile, between the 25th October and the 4th November 2023.

Scarlett Hadley, a student at Girls Grammer School, learned to sail with the Vincy Sailing Club 6 years ago and took part in her first competition in 2018 Bequia Regatta. 

She impressed World Sailing Coach Rob Holden and in 2020, mid-pandemic, was chosen to be part of the World Sailing Emerging Nations Programme.

Her commitment to the program and to training on and off the water was well regarded by the regional sailing organisations and earlier this year the PanAmerican Sailing Organisation offered her a place at this prestigious championships.

The Argentinian Sailing Association stepped up to help with boat hire and a UK company Rooster, has supplied the clothing required by Scarlett to sail in waters of only 12'C, 15'C cooler than she is used to.

Scarlett still needs a class legal sail and battens as a final piece of the competition jigsaw.

With the support of the SVG Sailing Association, SVG National Olympic Committee and now Digicel, Scarlett is set to take St Vincent and the Grenadines Sailing to a new level and we hope you join with us to wish her "fair winds and following seas".

If you would like to get involved, please text (coming soon) to donate $1 to help her on her way.

And please follow SVG Sailing Association on Instagram for daily updates of her progress.

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